“14 Million poor South Africans don’t know where their next meal will come from. A further 15 million can go hungry at any time.”

– Oxfam SA

About Us

Each1Feeds1 is a registered Non Profit Company (NPC) and a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) that delivers hope to the poor by providing a reliable, very simple, affordable and effective food parcel solution that:

  • feeds those most in need;
  • feeds a family of four for a month;
  • ensures that families eat a balanced diet;
  • is based on national nutritional requirements

Each1Feeds1 has 2 main objectives:

  1. Donate as many food boxes to as many hungry beneficiaries as possible in South Africa;
  2. Empower as many “Partners” as possible to replicate and upscale the E1F1 business model country wide increasing the impact on hidden hunger in South Africa.


The Each1Feeds1 opportunity is called the POWER BOX©. The box usually contains:– maize meal, soya mince, samp, rice, sugar, tea, salt, jam, tinned fish, fortified instant porridge and baked beans. Other ingredients can be added or substituted depending on availability.

Each1Feeds1 has a desire to share the vision of, ‘DELIVERING HOPE’ to the poor by EMPOWERING other like-minded organisations to also employ the POWER BOX© to address hunger effectively, providing a balanced diet to those who need it most:

  • the poor and hungry who live below the breadline,
  • the orphaned and vulnerable,
  • those who have special needs,
  • those who are destitute through sickness, ageing, economic access barriers
  • are in need of humanitarian outreach because of disaster relief situations.
Each1Feeds1 100% SED Beneficiary
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A reliable, very simple, affordable and effective solution

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